One Thing I’d Never Bet Money On

Tyra Banks 

While most reality shows are dull and pretty much predictable, one show that you can never guess the ending to is America's Next Top Model. While other shows have set rules, routine activities, and challenges that make you think that maybe you could guess from week to week what will happen next, ANTM is nothing like that.

On this show, even though they explain everything that is going to take place, and all of the girls are told that all they need to do is give their best effort — they are even given personal coaching on specific flaws and performance issues– guessing what is going to happen at the end of the episode is an exercise in futility. Every week, we get to see Tyra and her "panel of experts" (you could call it that if you're into stretching euphemism to the limit) poke, prod, pick at and pick on the girls, most of whom profess to be almost desperate to win this chance to gain fame and fortune (well, not really a fortune; a modeling contract with some B-List agency will have to do for now). When you think that you've figured out which girl has ruined her chances by not trying hard enough, or by giving too much attitude, or by not giving enough attitude, Tyra comes on at the end and selects the one girl that you never thought she'd get rid of.

She goes through the season with one or two seemingly obvious favorites, but by the last 4 episodes, we're usually left with the most lackluster girls of the group, the ones who Tyra would often claim were not vocal/vibrant/"fashion model" enough. The only consistent thing about the show is the fact that Tyra and and some members of the panel give the girls conflicting advice.

One week, a girl is told that she needs to tone down her attitude, and told not to act too ambitious; two weeks later, the same girl is told that she needs to speak up for herself, and that she shouldn't let anyone walk over her. The finale of this season, as with the others, will most likely be a total surprise, not because this show is so deep, or that the rules and challenges are so complex, but all because the rules of the game seem to be subject to Tyra's whim, at any given moment.


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