Fun with Craigslist: Paris Hilton Edition

June 21, 2005


[Link via Gawker]

Paris Hilton clones needed for upcoming, one-two day photo shoot in major fashion magazine.  Modeling agencies have not been very helpful, so Craig’s List is our last hope on this.  You must bear resemblance to Ms. Hilton in order to be considered fro this gig. 

We will pay $300-$500 for the day depending on degree of resemblance.  Please send head shot and/or Paris Hilton-resemblance shot, and resume to below address for consideration.  Make sure we SEE the resemblance in at least one photo.  Deadline for submissions is July 1.


We are searching for Paris Hilton clones (not actual, scientifically created human clones, just women who look like Paris Hilton) for an upcoming, 1 to 2 day photo shoot.  We are hoping to sell the pictures to a major fashion magazine, but we’ll consider any offers, including any proffered by porn rags, tabloids, or discount store sales circulars.  Modeling agencies have refused to return our calls, and we are on a limited budget, so we had to resort to using Craiglist to get this started.

You must bear some resemblance to Ms. Hilton in order to be considered for this gig.  We pay $300-$500 for the day, according to the degree of resemblance.  You don’t necessarily have to be blonde or have blue eyes in order to be considered; Ms. Hilton is probably neither, so as long as you bring the appropriate wigs, accessories, and other accoutrements, and you are able to at least vaguely remind the photographers of Paris Hilton, please answer this ad (we are willing to use some Photoshop if we get desperate). 

Please send head shot and/or Paris Hilton resemblance shot (if you want to include a shot of yourself giving head to your boyfriend/other male, that is fine; this may help us to more easily determine the degree of resemblance to Ms. Hilton).  And don’t forget to send your resume as well.  Please make sure that we SEE the resemblance in at least 1 photo– you may want to send some nude pics or include some stills from a sex tape (since we’ve had the privilege of seeing so many sides of Ms. Hilton, we have a large frame of reference to work with). 

Deadline for submissions is July 1– so if you don’t have a large collection of nude photos, you’ve still got a few days to get some good snapshots.