Imagine This Was a Better Movie

Lena Headey and Piper Perabo 

Seven Magazine interviews Lena Headey, star of the new film, Imagine Me and You, and asks, "Is this Britain's answer to Brokeback Mountain?"

Brokeback Mountain vs. Imagine Me and You

  • Brokeback: "a love story"
  • Imagine: "a love-at-first-sight story"
  • Brokeback: 2 macho [male] sheepherders (Ennis and Jack) fall in love
  • Imagine: a lesbian and a straight woman (Luce and Rachel) fall in love at first sight [at the straight woman's wedding]
  • Brokeback: we see that Ennis and Jack are passionately in love with each other, through their dialogue and their actions
  • Imagine: Luce and Rachel never exhibit any type of behavior to show us that they even know each other's last names, let alone love each other
  • Brokeback: has some intriguining dialogue, but half of it is obscured by Heath Ledger's mushed mouth delivery
  • Imagine: has a lot of terrible dialogue, which makes you wish Heath Ledger had been in this film
  • Brokeback: the spouses are angry and resentful about Jack and Ennis's affair
  • Imagine: Rachel's husband gives her his full blessing in embarking on her new "relationship" with the lesbian she fell in love with when Rachel first saw her as she walked down the aisle at their wedding
  • Brokeback: focuses on the two main characters
  • Imagine: has a bevy of side stories and extraneous characters to make the unbelievable plot even more confusing
  • Brokeback: you have to suspend disbelief during a 2 minute lubeless love scene between Ennis and Jack
  • Imagine: you have to suspend disbelief through the entire film (and there is no love scene — in fact, there's only one kiss between the two "enamored" characters)

"Flower Girl of Primrose Hill"  [Seven Magazine]


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