A New Dating Remedy for the Shy Guy

Dirty Bar Cartoon

… who doesn’t want to end up wth the resident lush at the end of the night…

This just sounds like something to make a perfectly innocent shy guy look like a creepy predator:

Wingwomen are professional matchmakers who escort men to bars or clubs and use light chat to break the ice with groups of females before introducing their “friend” — the client — and then stepping back out of the limelight.  “It’s based on personal experience,” said Shane Forbes, 31, a former computer programmer who founded Wingwomen in New York two years ago.  “Women trust men who are accompanied by other girls a lot more han a couple of men.”

At the very least, wouldn’t most women question why a guy who is already with a woman would try to pick up someone new?  It’s natural for a guy to be hanging around wth other guys.  A guy trying to pick up women when he already had an attractive woman on his arm is really suspect.  Couples who approach women in an attempt to set up a menage a trois typically do this.  And that is always creepy.  Don’t pimps use this technique to lure new workers?

The wingwomen, whose services cost $150 (85 English pounds) a night, are not allowed to “fraternise” with clients, although they do accept drinks.  So for they have helped about 1,000 men to pick up an attractive stranger in a public place — or at least get her telephone number.

What if a wingwoman were to indulge in one too many drinks and one thing led to another?  Would that count as fraternization?

The wingwomen are trained to infiltrate groups of fellow females, striking up conversations with questions like “What a great blouse — is it Armani?” or “What is in your cocktail?” before moving on to: “Would you like to meet my friend?  He’s smart, kisses well and dances even better.”  It is then up to the man to live up to the billing.

This is so obvious.  Why would a woman wnat to date some guy who doesn’t have the self-esteem to talk to her himself?  And what type of woman would hire herself out for this?  And for the man who doesn’t have the balls to dump his girlfriend face to face:

Arriviste Press, a small Boston publisher, has set up a “virtual wingman” service which can send witty notes to objects of desire.  It also acts as a “virtual break-up buddy”, dumping “unwanted baggage” with a tender and remorseful email. 

“Wingwomen Show Shy Men a Good Time” [London Times]


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