News and Nonsense

Kerry Washington

  • Kerry Washington to become the face of L'Oreal. (ABV)
  • Sharon Stone might actually have more in common with Catherine Tramell than she admits.  (Defamer)
  • Daniel Craig must not be too bad; he's reportedly been signed to do another Bond film.  (Movie Blog)
  • Google plans an upgrade.  (Yahoo)
  • Charlie Sheen thinks that 9-11 was a product of a larger conspiracy. (Defamer)
  • Jennifer Lopez is writing a movie that she'll star in with Eva Longoria, which will probably be titled "Cat Fight".  (Moviehole)
  • Liberal politics aren't turning off moviegoers, bad movies are the reason that people are staying away from the theaters.  (PopWatch)
  • Stephen Colbert gets a 7-figure book deal, which will most likely prove to be a waste of 6 figures.  (Gawker)
  • Who knows how Star and Al will explain this one away.  (Defamer)
  • Hollywood acts as if the popularity of DVDs is a signal of the Armageddon.  (Yahoo)

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  1. Roy says:

    Shocking! –rof3267n

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