Wednesday Whirl

Dane Cook 

  • I know Dane Cook is totally unfunny, but is he really "the comedy equivalent of eating at Applebee's"? ( 
  • Chastity Bono used to hang out with Tom Cruise.  And we're not supposed to judge Tom people by the company they keep… (D Listed)
  • Portia de Rossi developed anorexia by default while working with Calista Flockhart.  (FemaleFirst)
  • Is Spike Lee's new film his latest big budget flop?  (PopWatch)
  • Robert Blake wants to make a comeback; expect to see him on one of VH1's many celebreality shows.  (MSN)
  • Paris Hilton and Starving Nachos break up because Paris has a difficult time understanding English.  (Contact Music)
  • Television is obsessed with wives.  (Slate)

2 Responses to Wednesday Whirl

  1. Andrew says:

    Dane Cook unfunny? How could you say such a thing?

  2. dParker2.0 says:

    Maybe I just keep catching Dane on his bad days… and maybe he just happens to have a lot of them?

    *shrugs shoulders*

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