Sour Notes

Tony Kanal 

  • Tony Kanal is starting a record label.  Will he finally become famous for being something besides "the guy who broke Gwen Stefani's heart"?  [Billboard]
  • Nelly Furtado resurfaces from obscurity to hurt our ears once again.  [Arjan]
  • Interview with Kirk Franklin.  [CNN]
  • Mariah Carey was too selfish to share her video budget with Snoop, so she covers by saying that he's a bigger diva than she is.  [Digital Spy]
  • Scientologists in the musical community.  [UK Guardian]
  • Why not kick a reporter if you have nothing left to lose?  [Yahoo]
  • The Dixie Chicks are still pissed.  [Independent]
  • Smokey Robinson joins the make-a-comeback-by-recording-a-standards-album bandwagon.  [Billboard]

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