Saturday Stream

Eva Longoria

  • This story about Marcia Cross accidentally spilling the beans about Eva Longoria's "secret marriage" couldn't be true, because we all know that Eva would have blurted it out ages ago.  [Ananova]
  • Louis Vuitton probably chose Mariah Carey to model for them because they can easily hide her gut by strategically positioning a travel trunk or two.  [Queerty]
  • Kevin Fertile-line has donated his hair to charity.  And the charity probably donated it to the landfill (who knows how long it would take them to de-lice/de-tick/de-flea it)?  [D Listed]
  • Randy Quaid feels that he was the one who really got the shaft in Brokeback Mountain.  [AFP]
  • Denzel Washington loves to play thug roles.  [Contact Music]
  • Are actors really this bloodthirsty, or are marketing sharks really this greedy? [AP]
  • Raven Symone is totally underrated, because she's overshadowed by the Olsen twins.  [Cake and Ice Cream]
  • Pete Burns is just– bizarre.  [D Listed]
  • Clever.  [Towleroad]
  • Film directors take lots of risks these days.  [Independent, Telegraph]
  • Good looking Famous actors are taking all the voice-over work from the people who couldn't get hired to be on film.  [WWTDD]

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