Monday Musings

Rosario Dawson 

  • Profile of Rosario Dawson.  [London Times
  • Did Tom Cruise have Nicole Kidman wiretapped after the breakup of their marriage?  [D Listed]
  • What do you call a group of strippers dancers who hire a real singer, make tons more money, but refuse to give her a permanent place in the group?  The Pussycat Dolls.  [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Nicole Richie "will pretty much eat anything", but does she keep anything down?  [Female First]
  • You know that if Wal-mart is going to carry Brokeback Mountain, it will be edited into a completely different story.  [BGP]
  • NYT covers the phenomenon of "absent presence", people are so busy trying to figure out what's going on elsewhere that they never really participate in what's going on where they are.  [NYT]

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