Sour Notes

Nick Lachey 

  • Nick Lachey is really talented at being unoriginal.  If he keeps up the hard work, he might just become the poor man's Justin Timberlake one day.  [Digital Spy] 
  • Meanwhile, Thalia has not become the Mariah clone that we thought Tommy Mottola would mold her into being.  [Hollywood Tuna]
  • David Gray doesn't know if he should continue to make music, or just take the money and run.  [Contact Music]
  • Franz Ferdinand explains how they've made it to the top by imitating the New Wave sound of the 80s.  [Independent]
  • More on the "British Invasion 3.0".  [USA Today]
  • While the rest of us could deduce that Michael Jackson would ditch Neverland Ranch way back when we saw the infamous interview with Martin Bashir, La Toya Jackson is just now figuring this out.  [Digital Spy]
  • Ne-Yo has some useless and unsolicited advice for Whitney Houston.  [Contact Music]
  • What are the worst albums ever recorded?  [Independent]
  • Natasha Bedingfield has reportedly been hired to be the "muse of Microsoft"–hopefully she can inspire the company to make better software. [Contact Music]

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