Sour Notes

Tupac Shakur 

  • Tupac threatens to displace yet another living artist from the charts by releasing another new video.  [AHH]
  • K-Fed says that the title of his debut album, Playing with Fire, is self-explanatory, because it makes about as much sense as a pyromaniac's obsession with flames.  [CNN]
  • Speaking of K-Fed, Justin Timberlake makes it known that he thinks the aspiring rapper is "gross", because while Justin just pretended to be ghetto, K-Fed makes an art of it.  [The Scoop]
  • Whitney Houston's drug problems are reportedly sending her to the edge of ruin.  [Fox 411]
  • Foo Fighters are planning an acoustic tour.  [Billboard]
  • Three 6 Mafia have been in the studio with Paris Hilton; oddly enough, one would hope that they weren't recording music.  [XXL]
  • Is there a difference between rap and Hip Hop?  [Davey D]
  • Interview with Bubba Sparxxx. [PopMatters]

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