The Real Key to Getting Rich

Donald Trump 

Create a multimedia marketing plan to pitch your "how to get rich" scheme:

Some 61,500 eager ticket holders paid from $49 to $499 to listen to a handful of national names like Tony Robbins, Suze Orman and Robert Kiyosaki (of the Rich Dad empire), along with a score of glint-eyed purveyors of get-rich-quick schemes. Donald Trump, the company's trump card, has been the keynote speaker for every Expo so far.

What do all of these people (Kiyosaki, Orman, Robbins, Trump) have in common?  They all have umpteen books/videos/lecture series/television shows that keep the money flowing in.  Once you take a minute to notice how slick they actually are, you forget exactly how they said they got rich in the first place.  It doesn't really matter how they made their initial "riches"– clever marketing is what keeps these people rolling in the dough.


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