News and Nonsense

Jennifer Lopez 

  • JLo is difficult to work with?  Now, that's hard to believe.  [Movie Blog]
  • Is MySpace about to jump the shark?  [Adrants]
  • Teens don't need to steal their parents' porn anymore, because these days, Young Adult novels include lots of sex.  [Bookslut]
  • Does David Beckham really have OCD, or is he just exaggerating some of his homophilic tendencies?  [A Socialite's Life]
  • George Clooney vs. Gawker: the most famous April Fool's joke of the year.  [Gawker]
  • Nicole Richie shows us how dangerous things would be if Paris Hilton had a brain.  [ONTD]
  • Some anorexics have a "secret society", a warped version of Weight Watchers.  [NYT]
  • Does Lindsay Lohan need to wear a snow suit to be able to keep all of her naughty bits safely concealed?  [Defamer]
  • Sharon Stone and Sylvester Stallone apparently think that continuing to recycle bad films from their respective pasts will help to reignite their careers.  [Contact Music]
  • Will I miss Katie Couric?  Hell no!  [PopWatch]

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