Sour Notes

Lenny Kravitz

  • Lenny Kravitz tapped to play Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic, because he’s been so dedicated to copying that psychodelic musical style for all these years.  [TeenMusic]
  • Speaking of biopics, A film on Mick Hutchence’s life is in the works.  [Herald Sun]
  • John Legend’s “Ordinary People” was originally written for the Black Eyed Peas.  How odd is that?  [Honolulu Advertiser]
  • If Jessica Simpson can forge an “acting career” (no pun intended), why can’t 50 Cent?  Actually, Fitty is a pretty good actor– he’s managed to pretend all this time that he is a major talent.  [AHH]
  • T-Pain shows us that there are numerous ways to be ignorant; and he may have set a record for the number of ignorant remarks ever made in an interview.  [ABV]
  • Suge Knight falls again. [Crap Filter]
  • Eminem files for divorce, again.  [AP]
  • While everyone else bashes Hip Hop, Ginuwine whines about the sad state of R&B music.  [BiggestStars]

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