News and Nonsense

 Bjork Gudmundsdottir

  • Bjork manages to outdo herself in the creepiness department with her new film.  [NYT] 
  • Jesse James has moved from designing motorcycles to designing clothing.  [LAT]
  • It has taken Calista Flockhart a decade to realize that she had an eating disorder.  [Ananova]
  • Poor Jessica Simpson, everyone is out for her money.  [Defamer]
  • The press tries once again to make Gavin Newsome into the new JFK, Jr.  [NYT]
  • Just why was Daniel Craig chosen to play James Bond?  To top off all of his other shortcomings, he can't even play poker.  [Defamer]
  • It's no wonder Al Reynolds fell in love with Star Jones— she's got a sort of drag queen quality to her, even down to her personal clothing style. [Hollywood Rag]
  • So now we know how Page Six gets the scoop.  [NYT]

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