Sour Notes

 Brand New Heavies

  • The Brand New Heavies and N’Dea Davenport have reunited for a new album and tour, because the band couldn’t afford to pay for a traveling companion for someone as old as Siedah Garrett, and N’Dea wanted a change from her busy solo career.  [Billboard] 
  • Toure will probably have to hire security now that he has declared Tupac to be overrated, because crazed lunatics rabid Tupac fans may begin trying to attack him on the street.  [Davey D]
  • Profile of Massive Attack.  [London Times]
  • If you thought that Reggaeton couldn’t possibly get worse, you were wrong; Nelly Furtado has recorded a Reggaeton single.  [Arjan]
  • Ciara and Bow Wow’s manufactured romance has ended right on schedule.  Now Bow Wow can get back to “pimping and carousing”, and Ciara can become a “born-again virgin” until the next fake relationship comes around.  [BiggestStars]
  • Scott Storch has decided to start his own record label, since it seems that the only requirement is to be able to flick the light switch in the recording studio.  [Billboard]
  • Some interesting questions about New Edition.  [RPM]
  • Profile of Mary J. Blige.  [Telegraph]
  • Kelly Rowland shows us that Beyonce casts a long shadow.  [SOHH]
  • When did Hip Hop become “NY rap” or “Southern/Crunk”, and nothing else?  []

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