Loose Ends

 Wentworth Miller

  • Interview with Wentworth Miller.  [BiggestStars
  • LA Times chronicles the rise of "terrorist chic" fashion. [LAT]
  • Victoria Beckham has been consulting a plastic surgeon on the best strategies to preserve her signature robotic look. [Digital Spy]
  • Interview with Antonio Banderas.  [Independent]
  • Lindsay Lohan deemed too trashy and haggish American to model for Louis Vuitton.  [Contact Music]
  • Profile of Lucy Liu.  [London Times]
  • Noah's Arc: Like The L Word, another example of a questionably gay-themed show that gays feel that they have to settle for.  [Nova Slim]
  • Divorce Court TV show judge Mablean Ephraim claims she was fired from the show (a la Cynthia McKinney) all over "much ado about a hairdo".  [TMZ]
  • Why Bono wears sunglasses all the time.  [LAT]

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