Monday Musings

Damon Dash 

  • Damon Dash is still upset that Jay-Z tossed him out with the rest of the old sponges.  [Nah Right, Contact Music]
  • More musings on the topic of grillz.  [Doan Mind Me]
  • Omarosa is back with new breast implants and the same annoying personality.  [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Nicole Richie claims that she's not "on the verge of death", because she's one of the few people who is clinging to life by mining nutrients from the food that gets stuck in her teeth after she pukes up her meals.  [ONTD]
  • A few helpful inventions for the frequent flyer.  [Banterist]
  • Soledad O'BrienPatricia HeatonMimi Rogers… only one thing could possibly make The View  better– canceling it.  [NYDN]
  • Interview with Mo 'Nique.  [Rod Online]
  • Naomi Campbell apparently "has beef" with Diddy, so she's refusing to sling any beef on his new cooking show.  [Corsair]

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