Musical Musings

Britney Spears 

  • Britney Spears’s record label has reportedly demanded that she lose weight if she wants to release another album.  Maybe K-Fed put them up to it… [BiggestStars]
  • Jamie Foxx is glad that his debut album flopped back in 1994, because with the dearth of musical talent today, he has practically no competition now.  [Digital Spy]
  • Steely Dan: Rock, Jazz, Pop, or something else?  The debate continues.  [PopMatters]
  • It seems that everybody wants to help Whitney Houston — everyone but Bobby Brown.  [Contact Music]
  • Mary J. Blige collaborating with Madonna?  Could that possibly sound like anything other than a mess?  [SOHH Soulful]
  • Nelly has been reluctant to take more acting roles because he is not good at showing emotion; too bad so many others in Hollywood refuse to follow his example.  [Contact Music]
  • Kanye West must have overdosed on the self-esteem pills again.  [ONTD]
  • Interview with Ghostface Killah.  [PopMatters]
  • Khia is releasing a new album to show us that she’s expanded her vocabulary beyond “my neck, my back” (although, she did decide to use that to name her new fragrance — hopefully it won’t smell like cat piss and watered down gin). [SOHH]

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