News and Nonsense

Marlee Matlin 

  • Marlee Matlin joins the mess that is The L Word.  [Defamer
  • For once, David Copperfield uses magic for something useful.  [Gabsmash]
  • Meanwhile, David Blaine still hasn't managed to use his magical know-how to make himself disappear permanently.  [D Listed]
  • This summer looks like it will be a boon for insomniacs.  [Yahoo]
  • Hotmail is supposedly receiving an upgrade, but with Microsoft, all upgrades come with a required probationary downgrade period.  [Towleroad]
  • Rolling Stone celebrates its 1,000th issue.  [Observer]
  • And Keith Richards probably fell out of that tree getting drunk for his 1,000th birthday.  [AFP]
  • Since Quentin Tarantino is directing the Jimi Hendrix biopic, the movie has a slight chance of being watchable (as long as Quentin opts out of any cameos). [Female First]
  • Rosie O'Donnell to raise the ratings, Joy Behar's voice, Star Jones's ire, and hopefully, Elizabeth Hasselbeck's IQ on The View.  [Gawker]
  • Sharon Stone might make her kids fly coach while she flies first class, but she would never neglect them!  [Biggest Stars]
  • Countless women will soon be able to say that their hideous jeans were actually designed (and not just worn) by Sienna Miller.  [The Bosh]
  • Jennifer Lopez is still learning that obscurity can be inherited through marriage.  And in her new reality show, she will demonstrate just how quickly a celebrity can drop from the A List to the C List.  [Female First]

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  1. elizabeth hasselbeck

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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