Sour Notes

Wyclef Jean 

  • Wyclef Jean is working really hard to become an honorary latino.  [Yahoo
  • Interview with Busta Rhymes.  [XXL
  • Imogen Heap has a new video.  [Arjan]
  • What will it take for a recording artist to get paid?  [Boing Boing]
  • Ruben "Velvet Teddy Bear" Studdard (he actually came up with that himself!) is more than a little slow on the uptake.  [MTV]
  • Snoop goes all the way to London to "keep it real".  [Defamer]
  • Speaking of Snoop, will he send Ronan Keating"Stop Snitchin'" T-shirt? [Biggest Stars]
  • Interview with Dem Franchize Boys.  [PopMatters]
  • A preview of the new Pearl Jam album.  [Stereogum]
  • Watching the sales of Christina Aguilera's new album will be like watching a spinning roulette wheel; since she's included at least one song from every conceivable style of music, the chances of success will be just as random.  [MTV]
  • Interview with Neil Young.  [Observer]
  • NY's Hot 97 radio station may end up having to broadcast from a boat in the middle of the East River… then guests could save bullets by drowning their enemies instead of shooting them.  [XXL]

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