Musical Musings

Nelly Furtado 

  • Nelly Furtado to release a duet with Justin Timberlake, called "Crowd Control", which will most likely be able to clear any dance floor in record speed.  [We Love Celebs]
  • 50 Cent is offering a scholarship to kids for exercising and eating healthy.  It's very surprising to discover that 50 has time to focus on his diet when he wears a bulletproof vest everywhere he goes.  [BiggestStars]
  • Madonna does the same old-same old at Coachella.  [Gasbmash, Arjan, Queerty]
  • Charlotte Church's family is so chavtastically troublesome, that she is reportedly taking two years off to deal with their problems.  [Entertainmentwise]
  • Napster has finally surrendered.  [MetaFilter]
  • Sean Paul states the obvious.  [Contact Music]
  • Ne-Yo likes to imagine that he's a magnificent lyricist.  [Letters to Famous People]
  • Has JLo modeled her entire "singing" persona after Mariah Carey?  [NovaSlim]
  • The release of Kelly Rowland's new album will be delayed until next year, to give them a chance to re-edit all of Solange Knowles's backing vocals.  [SOHH]
  • Liam Gallagher must have just discovered that there is this famous band called Coldplay.  [Contact Music]
  • Profile of Jamie Foxx.  [Female First]
  • Khia takes time from her flourishing career as a prostitute to release a new album.  [Crunk and Disorderly]

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