News and Nonsense


  • Angelina Jolie seems to have conveniently forgotten that she hooked up with Billy Bob Thornton while he was engaged to Laura Dern.  [Contact Music]
  • How do you sell more razors?  By calling attention to the fact that a manscaped penis looks bigger.  [Adrants]
  • And in news that will surely make a number of penises shrink, Helena Bonham Carter plans to design her own line of underwear.  Inspired by the numerous period films she has been in (no pun intended), the line will feature bloomers and fancy pantaloons.  [Ananova]
  • London will host this year's European Gay Pride festivities, subjecting citizens to a fortnight of tacky drag queens and bad club music.  [BBC]
  • Mr. T is determined that he won't be forced to live on Social Security.  He will do anything on TV, as long as it provides a paycheck.  [Variety]
  • Is anything in Kaavya Viswanathan's book original?  Passages copied from yet another bad chick lit novel have been found in her book.  [Jossip]

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