Random Ruminations

Ashlee Simpson Old and New 

  • Ashlee Simpson has made so many mistakes of her own, that there isn't enough time in a day for her to make the same mistakes that Jessica has made.  And when she finally becomes as rich as Jessica, she'll probably splurge by getting a boob job too.  But, until then, she has to settle for a nose job, because it's cheaper. [Contact Music]
  • Jennifer Lopez says that whenever she and hubby Marc Anthony are in a room together, they just can't stop laughing, because even they can see how ludicrous their marriage looks to the rest of us.  [Ananova]
  • Speaking of JLo and Jessica Simpleton, JLo didn't want Jessica to be on the cast of the upcoming Dallas film, because the acting coaches should only have to waste time tending to one nontalent, and not two.  [Gabsmash]
  • Toure must be worried that someone has kidnapped Beyonce's weave and is planning to sell it on eBay, because that is the only sensible explanation as to why she dared to appear in public without it.  [A Socialite's Life]
  • Is Ashton Kutcher really anything more than a babysitter with benefits?  [Just Jared]
  • Prince Harry will always be a poor little rich boy.  [ONTD]
  • Will Kaavya Viswanathan end up like Lauren Weisenberger in a couple of years?  [NYDN]
  • Oxygen vs. Spike TV.  [Village Voice]

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