Tuesday Trivialities

Laurence Fishburne 

  • Interview with Laurence "Don't Call Me Larry" Fishburne.  [Journal News]
  • Speaking of Larry, Samuel L. Jackson is tired of people getting the two actors confused.  It is hard to tell them apart sometimes, since they both look so much alike.  [Contact Music]
  • The Supreme Court gives Anna Nicole Smith her golddigging pass back.  [Jossip]
  • Tom Cruise might well be a celebrity terrorist.  [Digital Spy]
  • But hopefully, he's not one of the people who is sending death threats to Susan Sarandon.  [Independent]
  • Interview with Edward Norton.  [Just Jared]
  • By enlisting Jessica Alba to host its Movie Awards, MTV shows us that it doesn't even try to cater to people with at least half a brain anymore.  [Contact Music]
  • Johnny Depp to play Mick Hutchence in a new biopic.  [BiggestStars]
  • Rosie O'Donnell's biggest challenge at her new gig on The View won't be dealing with Star Jones; Rosie is contractually obligated to "keep it femme".  [Jossip]

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