Wednesday Whirl

Lindsay Lohan 

  • Nick Lachey says he's not interested in dating Lindsay Lohan.  Apparently, Brett Ratner feels the same way.  Maybe they're trying to maintain at least 6 degrees of separation between themselves and Paris Hilton… At this rate, Lindsay should just try shagging Paris herself, to save everyone a lot of headaches and extra trips to the STD clinic.  [Hollywood Tuna, The Bosh]
  • Paul Bettany mistakenly thinks that it takes a baseball cap to make you look like white trash; obviously, he doesn't pay much attention when he looks into a mirror.  [Just Jared]
  • Sex toy, or baby toy?  (NSFW, obviously) [via Queerty]
  • Somehow, I think even when Madonna turns 80, we will still be subjected to seeing her do things like writhing around topless with a horse and other farm animals.  [Towleroad]
  • Gabriel Aubry tells us exactly why Halle wants to adopt a child.  [Gabsmash]
  • Interview with Keke Palmer of Akeelah and the Bee.  [Courier News]
  • Is Hollywood experiencing a British invasion?  [Telegraph]
  • Scarlett Johansson likes to imagine that she's really clever, and Alicia Keys likes to imagine that she's as much of a draw as Scarlett.  [Letters to Famous People]
  • JLo has not yet realized that her agents can only be held partially responsible for her crappy movies.  They only choose the projects; they're not the ones acting in them.  [IDLYITW]
  • VH1 might actually be even worse than MTV now.  [D Listed]

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