Friday Flurry

Wayne Brady 

  • Were you wondering whatever happened to Wayne Brady?  According to Defamer, he's been "managing new R&B acts", and hawking their mixtape CDs on the street.  [Defamer
  • Superhead is so skilled that she's got Bill Maher's other head all mixed up.  [Eurweb
  • Bill Gates would rather not be a billionaire, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for him to give all of his money away.  [BWE
  • Make your own church sign.  [Yuppie Punk]
  • Courtney Love pulls a Sharon Stone at a lesbian function, but no one seemed to be impressed this time.  [Hothouse]
  • Kanye West takes an old theme and puts a new twist to it.  [BWE]
  • Playboy is really running out of ideas.  The June issue will reportedly feature women from MySpace.  [ProHipHop]
  • Britney Spears fired her nanny so that she could afford to hire a new babysitter for K-Fed.  [IDLYITW]
  • Would Denzel rather be watching paint dry?  [YBF]
  • Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan to invade Paris during the filming of Rush Hour 3.  [Defamer]
  • Beverly Peele surfaces from obscurity to be grilled by Tyra Banks.  [BWE]
  • Footballer's Wives has been cancelled in the UK.  We should be able to see the final season in the States in about 6 years.  [D Listed]

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