Sunday Sundries

Jeremy Piven 

  • Profile of Jeremy Piven.  [NYT
  • We should give kudos to the cast of MI3 for being able to live through Tom Cruise's bizarre behavior through their publicity tour.  Oh, wait, they're being paid millions… nevermind.  [Amy's Robot]
  • Since Deepak Chopra has written about everything else, you just knew that he had to get around to covering the Kama Sutra.  [Independent]
  • Lindsay Lohan's accountants would like to have some money left to manage. [A Socialite's Life]
  • Profile of Gillian Anderson.  [Observer]
  • Forbes lists some of the more generous celebrities.  [ONTD]
  • Michael Douglas readily admits that he lets wife Catherine Zeta-Jones call the shots, because that makes everything easier when you you're married to a diva.  [Telegraph]
  • Interview with Ron Howard.  [Seven]

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