25 Unsexiest Women

Ann Coulter 

Now that we've seen the list of unsexiest men, College Humor compiles of list of the 25 Unsexiest Women:

25) Katie Holmes:  When she was Joey on Dawson's Creek, she would have been miles from this list.  But I think having Tom Cruise's baby makes her un-sexy solely by association.  Sorry.

23) Nicole Richie:  She wasn't sexy when she was a heroin addict, she wasn't sexy as Paris Hilton's chubby sidekick, and she certainly isn't sexy in her latest incarnation: paper thin disaster waiting to happen.

15) Courtney Love: Quick Rule of Thumb: Women who look like they just woke up at a bust stop tend to be the antithesis of sexy.

5) Ann Coulter:  Full of anger, and not in the good way, Ann Coulter is scary to even talk about let alone sleep with.  Where do we begin with Ann Coulter?  She jokes about bombing the New York Times Building, she bashes her fellow women every chance she gets, and she has an Adam's apple the size of a softball.  Ann Coulter is sexy like Hitler or Attila the Hun was sexy.

"25 Un-Sexiest Women"  [College Humor]


One Response to 25 Unsexiest Women

  1. Tobiloba says:

    she but the u in ugly ,u-g-l-y that was she she is so butterz

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