Musical Musings


  • Interview with India.Arie.  [Honey Soul]
  • Maybe Christina Aguilera's albums would sell more if she spent more time promoting them instead of starting silly spats with established stars.  [Just Jared]
  • Interview with The Pet Shop Boys.  [London Times]
  • Students at a Catholic girl's school think that the cancellation of a Ne-Yo concert due to the singer's sexually explicit lyrics was unfair, because they were really looking forward to watching such a talented singer-song writer perform.  The officials at the school just don't know that when you finally get a good look at Ne-Yo, you instantly realize that he has an amazing imagination, and has used it to write most of his songs.  [AP]
  • Interview with Alannis Morissette.  [UK Guardian]
  • Nelly Furtado is taking dance lessons for her upcoming tour.  Hopefully she'll reserve some time in her schedule for some intensive voice lessons as well.  [Contact Music]
  • The members of A Tribe Called Quest have reportedly put their respective egos in storage in order to embark on a union tour.  [MTV]
  • Profile of Boy George.  [UK Observer]
  • The UK shows Snoop Dogg who is really the most gangsta by banning him from the country.  DMX to be next on the list. [D Listed]
  • New music from Zero 7.  [Arjan]
  • Interview with Kelis.  [AHH]
  • Alice in Chains to launch a world tour.  [Contact Music]

One Response to Musical Musings

  1. Matt says:

    Hey there,

    just happened to come across this post and wondering if anyone has ever heard of a band called Dylan in the Movies.

    they’ve got a really great EP out now called “Feel the Pull.” wondering if anyone has heard it.

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