Daily Dish


  • Now that Britney has banished him to the basement, K-Fed has a lot more time to read what his MySpace friends actually think of him.  [BWE]
  • Dan Brown has been accused of plagiarizing everything but the Bible.  [PopWatch]
  • People need to stop complaining about The Da Vinci Code, because worse things have been published, like Christopher Hitchens' "history of the blowjob" in Vanity Fair.  [Jossip]
  • Interview with Darryl Stephens of Noah's Arc.  [Rod 2.0]
  • Speaking of Noah's Arc, the show seems to be using The L Word's strategy of adding more characters than the writers can create storylines for.  [Rod 2.0]
  • Jennifer Garner is the second person reported to turn down work related to the upcoming Dallas feature film because JLo is connected to it.  Maybe Garner has to comfort hubby Ben Affleck after his nightmares about his long-running publicity stunt relationship with JLo.  [The Bosh]
  • Heather Mills-McCartney's former partner in porn is already jumping at the chance to cash in.  [Celebitchy (Link includes pictures that are NSFW)]
  • Which is better?  A D-List movie star, or a C-List cable TV star?  [IDLYITW]
  • Are Paris and Nicole faking their feud?  [Nova Slim]

One Response to Daily Dish

  1. Shawn says:

    That is funny that Jennifer Garner turned down the offer because of Jennifer Lopez. Ben Affleck definitely got the better end of that deal.

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