Friday Flurry

Vivica Used to be A Fox 

  • Vivica Used to be A. Fox reportedly to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars.  Fortunately, this would mean that we would only have to see her plastic face in passing, if she's paired with a gifted dance instructor.  [HipHop Ruckus]
  • More on the Craig Scheffer Stephen Dorff (I don't know why I always get them confused) vs. Ari Gold Jeremy Piven men's room brawl.  Stephen is apparently fond of trying to reenact boxing scenes from The Power of One, and Jeremy has obviously decided that Ari Gold is such a dynamic character, that he doesn't need to be himself off camera anymore.  [Defamer
  • When Lindsay Lohan is said to be "dating several men who live overseas", are we to interpret it as meaning that she got really wild and crazy during Fleet Week?  [Mollygood]
  • Not only has Neil Strauss discovered how to use stupid magic tricks to impress drunken bar chicks in order to get laid, now he's discovered how to use his book to get money from lonely guys who really want to get laid.  [Gawker]
  • LOGO has purchased AfterEllen and AfterElton.  [AfterElton via Queerty]
  • MTV Movie Awards recap.  [Celebitchy]
  • Keith Olbermann shows us that he can actually be clever sometimes by speaking his mind about Ann Coulter.  [Humanity Critic]
  • Raz B (formerly of B2K) faces more controversy over his upcoming role on Noah's Arc, and his other brushes with the gay community.  [Rod 2.0]
  • Diane Sawyer needs a brainy type to serve as a foil to her role as the ditzy blonde now that Charlie Gibson has left Good Morning America.  [Gawker]
  • Jennifer Beals goes all the way gay, well, sort of, by serving as the Celebrity Grand Marshal at San Francisco's Gay Pride parade.  [SF Pride 2006]

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