How Not to Get Dropped from Your Record Label Lesson 1: Christina Milian

Christina Milian

Christina has reportedly been dropped from her label.  I'm sure some people saw this coming a mile away, but apparently, Christina didn't expect it.  This might have been prevented, if she'd gotten some helpful advice along the way.  It may be too late now, but maybe she can focus on her acting career, and make a huge musical comeback a la Jamie Foxx, in about 10 years or so.

If only she had done things a little differently– maybe these helpful tips could have lengthened her tenure at Def Jam:

  1. If your album is not really amazing, don't name it So Amazing.
  2. You can't change musical styles like some people change outfits, unless you're an established star like Madonna, Janet Jackson, or Gwen Stefani.
  3. No musical star (or other celebrity, for that matter) ever becomes gangsta (see MC Hammer, Ricky Martin or Tom Cruise for further explanation).  You can start out gangsta and soften your image (e.g. Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube), but you can never start out soft and then later become gangsta. (Yes, I know that Tupac managed to pull this off, but he is the only one who did it "successfully"– and look what happened to him).
  4. Item #3 also holds true for artists who want to develop newly found traits of "ghetto fabulousness" or "fabulosity" (see Whitney Houston).  It never works.  Really, don't try it. (This includes things like bragging about the fact that you cut off your naturally long hair to get a weave).
  5. Don't agree to changing your personal style to one that so closely matches that of the reigning diva of the moment, and then act surprised when you constantly get compared to her.
  6. Don't make disparaging remarks about said diva's talent (or lack thereof) if her boyfriend is the current president of your record label.
  7. Don't get caught in questionable or compromising situations with the president of your label.
  8. Don't make a diss record about your ex-boyfriend if he has never publicly made any disparaging remarks about you (especially if his corniness speaks for itself).  (Only Janet Jackson can get away with this).
  9. Don't wait until the eleventh hour to play the Ethnicity Card.  If you have some sort of "ethnic flavor" start using it to your advantage from the beginning.
  10. Don't brag that your album will make it to "diamond" sales status, especially when even the biggest stars only make it to this level after years of steady sales.

7 Responses to How Not to Get Dropped from Your Record Label Lesson 1: Christina Milian

  1. nOva says:

    Ha!! I love this. I just learned a lot more about her.

    She IS kinda gangsta, in a corny way, which makes her and Nick a perfect match.

  2. Tobiloba says:

    i think that she didnt deserverd to be dropped from def jam records i likrd her music its not good to see an artist fall so low and all the haters who are laughing at her your jobless if you have time to be dissing her

  3. T says:

    I think the girl is hot and shes doing her thing regardless.Shes pursuing her dreams,making money,and shes gorgeous.Shes got it going on!

  4. shesso305 says:

    lmao wow this is SO AMAZING!!! someone should post this on her myspace so she could read it!! lmao i think i will…. she is so fuccing fake.. i read one of her blogs and she stated that she didnt want to be rich that she wanted to be wealthy. well miss MILIAN like cassies new single gotta long way to go lil mama

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  7. Mag Elliott says:

    Rock This Love! Rock Meets Rap Meets R&B=The New Tina Turner!

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