Sour Notes

Toni Braxton 

  • Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey should go on tour together.  Even if the two divas didn’t actually end up having nightly catfights, they would probably end up giving the Pussycat Dolls a run for their money by challenging each other to see who could craft the most outrageous wardrobe malfunction.  [D Listed]
  • Christina Milian says that “when a window shuts, a door opens”… maybe this is actually possible in that vacuum where her “talent” has apparently been trapped all of this time.  [Cake and Ice Cream]
  • Interview with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.  [PopMatters]
  • While Daddy Yankee realizes that young people in developing countries might not be able to afford to purchase CDs, he seems to be forgetting that most people who buy bootlegs/download for free actually can afford to buy CDs, they just don’t want to.  [Contact Music]
  • The newest Hip Hop debate: Is the music/culture causing more violence in Britain?  [UK Guardian]
  • Interview with Donell Jones.  [Honey Soul]
  • Jewel says that she likes to booze it up.  After listening to her last album, who could blame her?  [D Listed]
  • Hip Hop radio stations have been experiencing a drop in ratings, because people can only take so much T.I. and Ciara every hour.  [Davey D]

5 Responses to Sour Notes

  1. eclectik says:

    Toni is getting way out of hand lately…I don’t think she can do too much of anything to make us care about her music anymore…she might as well do playboy at this point.

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