Monday Musings

Star Jones Reynolds

  • The View may or may not survive without Star Jones, but Larry King raked in the ratings with her interview last week.  [Contact Music]
  • Gawker has dumped co-editor Jesse Oxfeld for TMFTML’s own Alex Balk.  [Jossip]
  • Madonna to exploit her daughter Lourdes for fodder for her next childrens’ book.  [A Socialite’s Life]
  • Apparently, Marc Anthony isn’t the first really creepy guy that Jennifer Lopez has married.  [Mollygood]
  • Vibe Magazine is reportedly cleaning house, because the public was beginning to mistake it for Mad Magazine, what with its claims of Chris Brown being “the future of R&B”.  [Concrete Loop]
  • Elizabeth Vargas is still whining over the fact that she lost her job.  She should realize that she got off easy, considering the treatment that Star Jones is getting from ABC.  Elizabeth can just get in line behind her and Bob Woodruff and Diane Sawyer…   [Contact Music]

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