Sour Notes

Bow Wow 

  • Best news of the year so far– Bow Wow may retire from rapping, because he is running out of artists to diss, and since his ghost writers are about to start high school, they might want to branch out to do other things.  [Hip Hop Ruckus] 
  • Amazingly, Lil’ Kim actually looks better coming out of prison than she did going in.  Maybe they should send Vivica Fox to prison, too. [Jossip]
  • Ne-Yo rags on K-Fed, which is not a very challenging thing to do.  [Concrete Loop
  • We may not be hearing anything from Dallas Austin for a long time.  [AP]
  • Eric Benet is still blaming his failed career on Halle Berry, as if she were the only woman out there who has room to complain about him…  [Hip Hop Ruckus]
  • Interview with DMC.  [PopMatters]
  • A biopic on the late Jeff Buckley is being planned.  [Stereogum]
  • India.Arie is already working on the follow up to her newly released album because time is precious.  Alicia Keys won’t be filming The Nanny Diaries forever…  [Billboard]
  • Method Man is apparently upset that no matter how much payola there is to be dished out, some critics simply refuse to give his music good reviews.  [via Davey D]

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