Musical Musings

Kelly Clarkson 

  • Vitamin Water shows their sexism by requiring Kelly Clarkson to lose weight in order to keep an endorsement deal, when they didn’t make 50 Cent visit a dermatologist in order to keep his.  [The Bosh]
  • Justin Timberlake wants to “push the sound of pop” music, because Pharrell is busy pushing Robin Thicke as the current “blue-eyed” soulster.  [CNN]
  • Profile of Kylie Minogue.  [UK Guardian]
  • Interview with Smokey Robinson.  [PopMatters]
  • Sharon Osbourne disses Pearl Jam, saying that they’ve gotten too soft for the Ozzfest, as if Wicked Wisdom was really the big draw for the festival.  [Contact Music]
  • Profile of Busta Rhymes.  [UK Guardian]
  • On Russell Crowe, the rock musician.  [London Times]
  • Profile of Thom Yorke.  [PopMatters]

One Response to Musical Musings

  1. Rachel S says:

    That kelly Clarkson thing is big bunch of BS. America voted for her when she was normal size. Why do these stupid companies need to come in and try to enforce their agenda, when it doesn’t seem to match with consumers?

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