Saturday Stream

Burberry Plaid Manicure 

  • Burberry tries to take its brand back from the chavs.  [Slate
  • 50 classic Canadian short films.  [Boing Boing]
  • So many movies are so bad these days, that the offer of $5 theater admission isn’t even tempting.  [Movie Blog]
  • It’s not surprising that the British might not really appreciate the fact that London has been the setting for so many lowbrow American comedies.  It’s bad enough that so many annoying celebrities are moving there, and I won’t even get into Woody Allen’s new Scarlett Johansson/London fetish…  [UK Guardian]
  • Paul Wall and Raekwon to work on a documentary about the Sierra Leone illegal diamond trade; I can’t help wondering if this is just an excuse for Paul to get more diamonds for his grills business on the cheap.  [Hip Hop Ruckus]
  • Paris Hilton is so tired of Lindsay Lohan’s sad attempts at swagger jacking, that she has decided to take a pledge of celibacy. Oddly, Yahoo’s search engine doesn’t seem to recognize the search request for “Paris Hilton” + “celibate” .  [Popdirt]
  • High school ain’t like it used to be, in real life, and in the movies.  [Independent]
  • There is still some doubt over whether Indiana Jones 4 will actually be made, since time stops for no man, not even Harrison Ford.  [Movie Blog]
  • Jennifer Aniston had better keep mum about Vince Vaughn’s bedroom skills… Angelina just might snatch him up, too (no pun intended).  []
  • Stephen Dorff: unimpressive in film and in print.  [Towleroad]

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