News and Nonsense

Daniel Craig 

  • The producers of the James Bond series don’t want to go through the same crap they just went through trying to recruit another actor for the next film, so they decide to stick with Daniel Craig, despite all the trials and travails he’s gone through during the filming of Casino Royale.  [Contact Music] 
  • P. Diddy Dumb-Dumb really needs to stop changing his name with the release of each album, besides, most of his acquaintances still call him “Puffy” anyway.  [Concrete Loop]
  • Star Jones is reportedly being courted by CNN and Fox News, which is not surprising, considering their loose definition of “news”.  [D Listed]
  • Directing a Harry Potter film must be more of a headache than we think.  [Cinematical]
  • Ice Cube tries to remind us that he actually had a rap music career before he made it big in Hollywood.  [PopMatters]
  • Not only does it sound like Jamie Foxx needed a stunt double for some of the scenes in Miami Vice, it also sounds like he needed a different actor to perform the role altogether.  [Defamer]
  • Calling a woman a “slut” might be all the rage these days, but actually being a slut is still detrimental to a woman’s reputation.  [NYT]

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