Random Ruminations

Anne Hathaway 

  • Anne Hathaway hates the whole you-must-be-thin movement in Hollywood, but she’s still very grateful that she’s not really big enough to fit into a size 6, unlike her character in Devil Wears Prada.  [Contact Music
  • Are we getting spoiled from having too many choices?  [Fortune]
  • While we were focusing on how much airbrushing is done to Madonna’s face in current pictures, we failed to notice her crinkly hands.  [Mollygood]
  • People typically like a book better than its movie version, because the movie is the idiot’s guide to the book.  [Movie Blog]
  • Are Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl and item?  [ONTD]
  • Miami Vice faces more bad press.  This time it’s not even related to Jamie Foxx’s ego, or Colin Farrell’s drinking and drugging.  [Hip Hop Ruckus]
  • The pros and cons of digital projection in movie theaters.  [Cinematical]
  • Kristin Scott Thomas has decided to quit Hollywood and focus on theater, because she won’t be relegated to roles in which she is the mother to some actress who is 10 years younger.  [Contact Music]
  • Yet another reality show– this time, it’s about personal assistants.  [Jossip]
  • Profile of Nick Denton.  [Slate]
  • MTV is the new BET: the few shows that aren’t boring are offensive.  [PopMatters]

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