Sunday Sundries

Cast of Law and Order 

  • After 16 years, NBC has finally learned that people only turn on Law and Order to provide a little extra light during late evening reading or web surfing.  Most people stopped actually watching the show when Benjamin Bratt left.  [NYT
  • Profile of Gong Li.  [London Times]
  • Does Jason Mewes (better known as “Silent Bob”) actually do anything between Kevin Smith films?  [FHM]
  • Americans aren’t starving for confidants… just think of how many private thoughts and personal details you’ve over heard while witnessing numerous public cellphone screamfests.  [NYT]
  • And just as I was going to say that Jade Jagger was the original Paris Hilton…  [Independent]
  • Mike Tyson is reportedly stalking a new woman.  Some people never learn.  [Female First]
  • It seems that young people are just as cheap as their grandparents.  Why buy a wireless headset phone unless it can play music, has GPS capabilities, and can calculate complex formulas?  Or unless you can get your parents to pay for it. [NYT]
  • Tyra Banks wants to keep her relationships private, but she has no problem with showing us how real her breasts are, how many expensive wigs she owns, or how many fat rolls she has around her stomach.  [Contact Music]
  • A guide to solving romantic relationship dilemmas by using Hollywood films.  [Yahoo]
  • Vice Magazine: For the literate Hipster.  [Telegraph]
  • Alicia Keys is working hard to keep herself from being typecast before her first film even makes its debut.  [Variety]

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