Daily Dish

Adrien Brody 

  • Like Halle Berry, Adrien Brody’s career has slipped a bit after winning an Oscar.  Unlike Halle, he doesn’t have the good looks to keep him on the A List.  [BWE]
  • James Woods thinks TV is “more sophisticated” and “more dynamic” than films because TV is what is paying the bills at the moment.  [Cinematical]
  • Naomi Campbell not only needs a restraining order against herself; she needs a straightjacket as well.  [StarBlogs]
  • Interview with Jamie Kennedy.  [AHH]
  • CBS hopes that stamping eggs with ads for its TV shows will miraculously get more people to watch The Early Show. [Defamer]
  • Wesley Snipes has made the same movie over and over again for the last decade.  [Cinematical]
  • We all knew the day would come when YouTube would be sued.  [BoingBoing]
  • Katie Couric has lost her sense of humor, now that she’s going to be a “serious” evening news anchor.  [PopWatch]
  • Interview with Owen Wilson.  [CNN]
  • Eminem has been touchy ever since he wrote that “Stan” song.  [StarBlogs]
  • Interview with Bai Ling.  [Cinematical]

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