Musical Musings

Corinne Bailey Rae 

  • Anyone who thinks Corinne Bailey Rae sounds remotely like Billie Holiday seriously needs a hearing aid.  [AP]
  • Timbaland refuses to appear in a biopic on Missy Elliott because he enough good sense to leave the acting to the actors.  [Concrete Loop]
  • Beyonce stans fans are really demanding.  Who knew they could actually be less than thrilled by anything that Beyonce does?  [Juicy-News]
  • Nelly Furtado jumps on the sapphosexual bandwagon.  [Contact Music]
  • Parents complain about kids not having enough role models, yet someone thought it was a good idea to have K-Fed perform at the Teen Choice Awards.  [WLC]
  • Ever wonder what happened to Chi-Ali?  Well, he’s apparently managing fledgling rap groups from his prison cell.  [Contact Music]
  • The lead singer of Savage Garden finally comes out as gay, as if the group’s song lyrics didn’t already tell us this.  [Queerty]
  • Essay on modern black rock artists.  [PopMatters]
  • Now we know why Nelly Furtado’s album sounds like it does; she and Timbaland were prone to falling asleep in the studio. Their exhaustion must be the explanation behind why they missed so many things in the editing process, like recycled melodies, tired beats, and bad singing. [Contact Music]

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