News and Nonsense

 America's Most Famous Lesbian Couple

  • Oprah and Gayle King may not be in a lesbian relationship, but they sure do sound like they are…  And if they aren’t lesbians, well, they’re just really bizarrely symbiotic.  [] 
  • Janet Jackson insults by Mariah Carey by comparing her to her sister, LaToya.  [Contact Music
  • Has Barbara Walters’ brain cracked in an attempt to catch up to her face? [BWE]
  • Dr. Phil + Harvey Walden IV = Mr. T’s new talk show.  [Celebitchy]
  • Hip Hop fashion is taking off in the UK, but since most people actually walk and ride public transport there, instead of stepping in and out of cars like Americans do, the British favor smaller sizes.  [Hip Hop Ruckus]
  • Carson Daly looks like he’s on the Nicole Richie Diet.  [D Listed]
  • A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in a paparazzi blog, its only worth about 50.  [Jossip]
  • Now that Star Jones has been fired and erased from the archives at ABC, is Al Reynolds filing for divorce?  [Queerty]

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