Monday Musings

Samuel L. Jackson

  • From this moment on, Black Snake Moan will forever be confused with Snakes on a Plane.  We’ll eventually just end up referring to them both as “one of those snake movies that Samuel L. Jackson was in”.  [Cinematical
  • Even with a makeover to a more subdued wardrobe might not cure Katie Couric of her perky image, while Elizabeth Vargas still gets no love, despite her pregnancy glow.  [Jossip]
  • What ground, exactly, will Lethal Weapon 5 cover?  Shouldn’t Murtaugh and Riggs be in the nursing home at this point?  [Movie Blog]
  • Natalie Portman might be playing a hooker in an upcoming movie role.  And she might have a few nude/sex scenes that she might decide to have deleted from the final edit of the film.  [Yeeah]
  • PopMatters compares Bruce Lee to Gene Kelly.  [PopMatters]
  • Despite a thousand different options to choose from for entertainment, most youngsters say that they are bored most of the time.  [LA Times]
  • Jennifer Lopez reportedly quit Dallas because she neither approved of the script nor the fact that John Travolta would be headlining the movie.  She only did what any other exemplary thesbian would do under similar circumstances.  [Entertainmentwise]
  • Bookies are the people who really own Hollywood.  [LA Times]

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