Sunday Sundries

Rachael Ray 

  • Rachael Ray is apparently trying to help her friends become famous the way she did: by putting an American spin on Nigella Lawson’s cooking show gimmicks.  [Radar
  • Hollywood is desperate to capture the attention of the disaffected masses, so the newest tactic that filmmakers have devised is to have film premieres in Po Dunk, USA, even if the film in question was made on a studio lot in LA.  [NYT]
  • Interview with Jack Nicholson.  [London Times]
  • The Guardian and The Independent discuss black British films.  [UK Guardian, Independent]
  • It seems that everyone makes money from independent films except the directors.  [NYT]
  • Profile of Jeremy Irons.  [Independent]
  • Interview with Kirsten Dunst.  [London Times]
  • Is Apple about to suffer from overexposure?  [PopMatters]
  • On Flavor Flav’s new millennium minstrel show.  [NYT]

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