Life Happens

Blogging to resume later this week or early next week…


9 Responses to Life Happens

  1. elvisisugly says:

    cool blog. stojko sucks, he’s bald and ugly now. sour notes indeed. can’t sing.

  2. Mee says:

    I love Elvis’ skating.He’s a nice guy.I met his Mom and Dad once.Their both nice people.Have you heard Elvis sing?I heard his Dad has a great singing voice.I might buy Elvis’ cd.

  3. elvisisugly says:

    that’s nice of you. you and his parents will be the only ones buying it. btw, i don’t know how “nice” stojko’s dad is. he molested a 13 year old, got arrested when she came forward (good for her) and then denied it in court. i think elvis is a weird, —— up, butt-ugly dude.

  4. Mee says:

    What come out of the case?I never heard anything more.

  5. elvisisugly says:

    just because he didn’t go to jail (having a relative who is a celebrity with a lot of $ helps) doesn’t mean he’s innocent

  6. elvisisugly says:

    stojko looks really ugly in the canadian sports hall of fame induction pix

  7. elvisisugly says:

    stojko may have been a great skater, but he’s lousy with relationships with wonen. this is the second engagement that’s fallen through, and he’s 34 years old. he claims he’s in a new relationship now – I wonder who the other guy is

  8. Mee says:

    Why are you jealous?Because you want to be his guy?

  9. This is rich…so now you comment back and forth with yourself with an additional screen name…what is it you’re striving for, some ‘good cop/bad cop’ routine?

    The real joke here is you comment to a blog on 9-7 which has not been available for public view since 8-30 and state it’s a “cool blog” Duh! Get a grip on reality and quit sending me links where you say the same crap over and over.

    Instead of looking for sites that allow comments for you to diss someone you don’t even know, why not do a search for a good therapist in your area?

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