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  1. Michael Waltrip says:

    A question comment (or two), ok?

    Your “Clue-fully Bliss-less” search tool (sorry, but one should always do the twist when the music’s right…), doesn’t archive search, I ass-u-me so anyway. (selecting categories, fills up a page, searched that way)

    Ignore that: didn’t find any reference to Buffy or Amber (i.e. Television “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” y Amber Benson).

    Amber has new movie on SCI-FI “Gryphon”, she stars in and gets to handle/wield/swing/use (and kill?) with. She told me about it (physical presence) at her Book signing “Accursed: Ghosts of Ambion” – Ambion, an Auld English name version for England). Amber co-authored this book with Christopher Golden. The book signing was around Oct 2005 (just before Halloween). She said then filming/training (Prague, I think)…

    I thought there would some mention of that book here (and was going to tell about this movie).

    A request research blog suggestion: The lesbian relationship between Willow & Tara (Alyson Hannigan & Amber Benson), circa Btvs seasons 4, 5, 6 (1999 thru 2002, but DVD’s make release times meaningless temporal paradoxes.

    “I hate temporal paradoxes. They give me such a headache with they come before my morning coffee”.
    – Capt. Katherine Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager

    The uproar that happened (or so I’ve read & heard many disparate accounts (ex. Kitty web site, Banned from that, Kidnap & death threats about Amber, etc.) Hard to figure what really happened. Since that situation certainly the first uproar of its kind, a researched in truth I’d like to find out about. NOTE: Joss Whedon, Buffy tvs & Angel TV Series Creator, resurrecting Buffy (sort of), with an entire Buffy Season 8 via Comic Book/Graphic Novel release starting March 07).

    Joss’ great quote trying to quell the uproar at Willow (Alyson H) changing preferences from “inner male wolf” to, well, Amber, what a spirit, talent, wow-curvy (trying to refrain!):

    Joss (much longer quote, see website “All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (www.atpobtvs.com) or just Wikipedia:

    Joss: “Ok, I give in. Please stop all this hate mail. I realize that it unfair for me (writers, network, et al) to impose a lifestyle on her (Willow) when it clearly isn’t necessary for any part of the story or the shows design. Having Willow be different just to get ratings is just wrong as well. So starting (now, next season, whatever he said), thus from now on, Willow Rosenberg will no longer be JEWISH”.

    Another relevant Joss quote about killing Tara with a random gun shot (that was meant for Buffy), which so upset the gay Buffy faithful (Season Six finale episodes “Seeing Red”, “Villains”, “Two To Go”, & “Grave”. (Tara actually shot at end of episode prior to “Seeing Red” – the Red being Tara’s blood splattered on Willow when .38 caliber bullet tunneled through Tara’s body, just above left breast, missing the heart but not her aorta (nobody said this, I’m just saying). Trying to counter the “don’t kill her because the character is gay” argument, Joss said that NOT killing Tara because she is gay is equally right or wrong. Gayness not any reason or point at all, The no reason for her being shot & killed, the night after Willow & Tara finally making up is what fueled the story (and apparently scaring the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of millions).

    (Help me! “I can’t stop my Leg” – blues tune on Saturday Night Live once upon a time). A storyteller I am… I’d love to help do this? (I’d need to contact Joss & Amber, at least, don’t know how, and I REFUSE to even appear to celebrity stalk).

    Well, I hardly blog much (although I did help invent the Internet, wait that was Algore (Al Gore). I did help invent a new science (Bioinformatics), at least, the head of MIT’s Whitehead Institute for Genomic Research, told me. I was just a computer programmer who “they” finally taught the science (DNA single nuke polymorphisms), and had a hidden talent for making complicated things & scared scientists/investors be at ease with their new @1,000,000 DNA high through-put analyzer.
    I was sent all over the world for 4 years, until money and patens made Customer Service & me a problem.

    I’m still recovering (it was discovery of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on FX, two hours in morning (7am, 8am) & two afternoon (3pm, 4pm) that gave me reason to get up in morning. FX had stopped playing episodes in order (a foreshadow of big fights to come for many a series. NOTE: if there was never a Buffy TV series, Charmed to Heroes would never have been. FX even started showing different sets/seasons between morning & evening. I didn’t know and became thoroughly confused. One day I wondered if there was anything on the Internet about Buffy (I use the word “Buffy” to mean two shows and anything else considered Joss-Canon).

    I was shocked at what I found on the web. Many of the huge sites were shutting down, but it was obvious the scale I had never guess it existed. This show created all the now familiar web “Fandom” (episode guides, etc) that is everywhere now. 1996 thru 1999/2000 ish, the Internet and post boards just coming into being. (I was still traveling from San Diego to Boston, then Tokyo (stopping for 3 hours at Universities of Indiana & Texas (Indianapolis & Houston) before getting home to San Diego, and finding a note on apartment door to check my desk, a ticket already paid for Tokyo, then possibly Seoul. Germany, New Zealand/Oz also frequents.

    Well, I stop. This tiny text is so cool. The submit button will probably fail (1000 characters max) or something. See, its not just everyone on the web “blogosphere”, I think its called. By the way: What’s a blog? I know the acronym “b-log”, but it just seems like they are editorials. That used to be called a “Web site”, I guess a blog is easy way to do such, without having to register for full I domain IPs…

    Oh yeah, EVERYONE on the Internet is crazy (so are true geniuses). I could explain the origin and development of Golden Ration (sections) in mathematics & architecture through-out history, bio-chemical mechanism of Evolution, day-by-day troop movement of American Civil War (most of Revolutionary War), can quote from memory most of the Bible, Koran, most episodes of Star Treks, Moby Dick (the book), and Dune books by Frank Herbert (oh yeah, Guitar can play any and everything – but that’s a whole different story), yet cannot find socks that match, remember to buy dishwasher soap (don’t ask), remember my own phone number, or pay bills on time. (I had more disgusting item descriptions (no I would exaggerate for effect)…

    Michael Waltrip

    “I do drive fast and turn left a lot, but also turn right, so I’m not THAT guy…” – NASCAR racecar driver with my name & Uncle Darrell.

    p.s. this too tiny to copy local to spell check, so hope it amuses somebody. Am serious about authoring or researching that Buffy uproar lesbian tsunami (btw: that “uproar” led to the demise of the WB & UPN networks (not only cause, but that demise starting there).

  2. So says:

    Wow… So small I didn’t even want to read it all, but you have a good point with the Amber & Willow gayness thing.

  3. Chris Williams says:

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