News and Nonsense

Dave Chappelle 

  • Dave Chappelle seems crazier now than he did when he disappeared last year.  [Byron Crawford
  • Does Brad Pitt's lookalike get a lot of angry stares from women these days? [BWE
  • Vince Vaughn as Magnum, P.I.?  Isn't that like having Daniel Craig play James Bond? [Movie Blog]
  • Ads on the overhead bins on airlplanes?  One more thing to give you a headache while flying.  [Adrants]
  • Only in Texas: You can get arrested for getting drunk in a bar.  [Slate]
  • Patricia Heaton to annoy TV viewers for a full hour at a time instead of just being limited to those irritating 30-second Albertson's commercials.  [Contact Music]
  • Interview with Sarah Jessica Parker.  [UK Guardian]
  • Canada finally gets their own MTV, which will probably play a lot of stupid reality shows like America's Next Video Director.  [BWE]
  • The Governator to reprise his role as the Terminator.  [Movie Blog]
  • Jessica Alba hasn't learned that the less talented actresses tend to get all the sex kitten roles.  [The Bosh]

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